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Happily-ever-afters with wicked twists:

A defiant Cinderella and Prince Charming with a hairy family secret - A deal gone wrong for Red’s mom - A loopy Oz and a villainy godmother masquerading as a witch. Or two.

Grace made a deal: in exchange for the life of her newborn son, she will get Ella her happily-ever-after. A license to be evil, hurray! That was it, wasn’t it? Three years of living in the Magic Kingdom and all the sleepless nights might have made her forget a few details. There’s no point in asking the mirrors anything – they are definitely lying. The only thing Grace knows is that her son's third birthday is approaching and it’s urgent she marry boy-crazy Ella off. One way or another.

Discover unlikely villains, surprising godmothers, and secrets peeled back like onions in this exciting omnibus, which contains all three books in the Magic Mirrors Saga (and 5 mashup retellings):

  1. Cinders: Necessary Evil – a dark Cinderella retelling from dual POV (stepmother and Ella’s - where Ella is no wallflower and you might hate her a little at first for being a bit too self-absorbed.)
  2. Embers: Beastly Curses – a 2nd chances Red Riding Hood retelling where Prince Charming’s hairy secret is revealed;
  3. Ash: Crooked Fates – a Twisted Wizard of Oz retelling where a certain unlovable villain may or may not get her HEA.

Where's the 5th fairytale, you ask? Hans & Greta's tale is a nestled story in Cinders and psst...the cannibalistic witch is not as bad as we've all been led to believe.

If you enjoyed Roald Dahl's whimsy as a child and adore Sarah Pinborough's captivating retellings, this dark fairytale adaptation collection is a must-read for the young and new adult audience alike.

Trigger warnings: This enchanting trilogy touches upon themes of abandonment, loss of child, abortion (in Cinders) and mental health issues (Korsakoff's in Ash), adding depth and emotion to the gripping narrative.

Don't miss out on this deliciously dark fairytale ride. Get ready to lose yourself in all the wicked twists and, of course, in Ella's Diary.

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5 short mashup fairytales for YA/NA

What if all mirrors were portals and wishes were like curses?

Disenchant a frog? No problem. So what that he’s your one-night-stand baby-daddy & you hate his guts. Help the egotistic huntsman Belle jilted find his HEA? Sure thing. Someone has to do the hard work. Might as well be the witch who ended up in Magic Kingdom by accident. Or a wish gone wrong. (Same thing, really.) At least the mirror cooperates when asked - nicely and in rhyme - and shows glimpses of the lives of others. Magical reality TV - handy when you can’t leave your hut on chicken legs.

Grizelda the witch from Cinders (aka Marina the Goddess of Fate from Charm) takes center stage in this set, meddling through the consequences of her wish.

You might remember the silver and bronze mirrors from Cinders, the iron one from Ash and the golden one from Charm. Or get introduced to them here.

The stories in this set include:

  1. To Make a Wish
  2. To Kiss a Frog (previously in the Enchanted Waters anthology)
  3. To Thaw a Heart - a Snow Queen retelling
  4. To Kill a Beast - a Belle&Beast retelling from the POV of the jilted huntsman

These short stories link to the author’s other books, but are related standalones that can be read separately as small soundbites.

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Sky Sommers

USA Today bestselling indie author
  • USA Today bestselling author from 2022

    While I've hit Amazon bestseller lists in 2021, in 2022 we - the "we" being me + 39 more authors - published a romantasy set that hit #110 on the USA Today list! Yay!

    What did it take? Writing 1 book, yes, but also 12 months of haranguing pre-orders, marketing, learning, posting on IG, pestering peeps in my newsletter, setting up this webpage, setting up a TikTok account, begging everyone I know (and don't know) to get our 35-novel-rich book at 99c - yes, you have to beg people to get things at a bargain. But we did it. We hit that list. We even got the #1 new release and #1 best seller orange ticker tag from Amazon for 1 week. Along the way I made awesome author friends, befriended an author (or two) I'm gaga about and the learning curve was - yowzer!

    Ask me for contacts of managers of USAT building sets, coz those peeps are amazing!

  • Aspiring to change your mind

    A stepmother who is actually a fairy godmother? A fairy godmother who is the villain? A Cinderella that's hard to like? Red who is a boy? Goddesses without magic? Guinevere who traps Arthur into marriage? Cannibalistic witches who are victims of circumstance and the rumour mill? I write these kinds of stories. Stay tuned.