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Charm & Mayhem

He's Charm, she's Mayhem.

Hiring a hot angel as her bodyguard was a smart business move... wasn’t it? Strictly business.

After a stint in the Magic Kingdom, Marina returns to her glitzy Moscow life as the new Goddess of Fate with an angel in tow. Gabriel, a former guardian is atoning for his decisions as Fate’s bodyguard. First order of business: keep Marina’s jealous ex away from her. Second: restore magic on Earth. As Marina tries to explain botox and face control to Gabriel, the olden Goddess of Fate has schemes of her own.

Will Gabriel be able to let go of the past? Can Marina navigate the mayhem of her new job with charm alone or will she remain a goddess without magic? And how exactly do you tell your FSB-anointed father you’re now immortal?

Charm & Mayhem is book #1 in the Goddesses Series and happens after the events of Goddesses: The Bet and To Make A Wish and can be read as a standalone from both of these stories.

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Life & Death

He's the God of Death, she's pure Light. Will their love survive?

To die, to sleep, perchance… well, Death can’t. Not before she finds someone to take over her job.

The Goddess of Death wants to die. Badly. But not before she finds a successor. Where does one go for those?

Tired of all the decisions - to reap or not to reap - the Goddess of Life & Light wants out, too. Who knew 8 billion earthlings would require quite so much attention. Working with Death is never a picnic. That Excel table and the constant yes-es and no-s would drive anyone mad.

Which one of the lovers - a broody guardian angel or his perpetually 17yo sweetheart - will Death recruit and can Life beat her to it? Will anyone at all fall for Death's sales pitch? Forever may be a short word, but what kind of a relationship would last for all eternity?

To read book #2, you don't need to read book #1 Charm & Mayhem: The Goddess of Fate, but it might be a fun option.

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Sky Sommers

USA Today bestselling indie author
  • USA Today bestselling author from 2022

    While I've hit Amazon bestseller lists in 2021, in 2022 we - the "we" being me + 39 more authors - published a romantasy set that hit #110 on the USA Today list! Yay!

    What did it take? Writing 1 book, yes, but also 12 months of haranguing pre-orders, marketing, learning, posting on IG, pestering peeps in my newsletter, setting up this webpage, setting up a TikTok account, begging everyone I know (and don't know) to get our 35-novel-rich book at 99c - yes, you have to beg people to get things at a bargain. But we did it. We hit that list. We even got the #1 new release and #1 best seller orange ticker tag from Amazon for 1 week. Along the way I made awesome author friends, befriended an author (or two) I'm gaga about and the learning curve was - yowzer!

    Ask me for contacts of managers of USAT building sets, coz those peeps are amazing!

  • Aspiring to change your mind

    A stepmother who is actually a fairy godmother? A fairy godmother who is the villain? A Cinderella that's hard to like? Red who is a boy? Goddesses without magic? Guinevere who traps Arthur into marriage? Cannibalistic witches who are victims of circumstance and the rumour mill? I write these kinds of stories. Stay tuned.