This Time Around

Dystopian is a vastly different genre from my usual fairytales, but this is actually the first book I ever wrote (and didn’t publish). I published Goddesses: The Bet instead. Go figure.


The year is 2101. London is in ruins, emotions are controlled by implants and those who can still feel are hunted.

When lead prosecutor Alex Whitaker gets an emotional upgrade as a promotion perk and chooses anger, not love, nobody is more surprised than Bobby who has a secret crush on her. When she goes slumming to the Lost City on a snooping mission, little does she expect to face her own fake past. Back at work, her DNA records go missing from the general pool, Bobby’s memory is erased and she has a feeling her own recurring dreams are not real. Finding out what happened and why becomes a race against time before she is found out.

Will Alex find out why things keep repeating and why is she in the midst of it all? What will it take to escape her fate?