Love & Money: The Goddess of Luck

One date. That’s all it should take when you’ve already found the love of your life, right?

Unburdened by relationships or her powers, Aphrodita, the Goddess of Luck has been flittering through life for millennia. When a new suitor comes calling who first ignores her and then doesn’t take no for an answer, what’s a girl to do? Stage a red herring of an intervention, that’s what. After all, helping others is so much more satisfying than sorting out her own love life. Or lack thereof.

Recruited from Magic Kingdom by the Warriors at the tender age of 16, Hans is now the chieftain’s right hand man. His timepocket of a dimension needs a new king. Who’ll be wanting a queen. A feisty Barbie of a goddess is a good choice, but why is she putting up a fight?

Will Hans get the girl or will he be derailed by his duties? Will Dita accept that her powers don’t work on everyone? And how many goddesses does a brain surgeon need to perform an operation nobody has attempted before?

Love & Money is book#3 in the Goddesses Series, but can be read as a standalone. Meaning: to read book #3 you don't need to read books #1 Charm & Mayhem: The Goddess of Fate or book #2 Life & Death: The Goddess of Light, but it might be a fun option.

OUT: August 7th, 2023

A Story About


When Hans, a warrior at heart and a demigod by nature spots Dita in Barbados, he's a goner. Then and there, he decides she's the One and vowes to woo her with one date. One carefully planned and expertly executed super romantic date is all it should take, right?


What if the Goddess of Luck -- who everyone always mistakes for the Goddess of Love -- was unlucky in... yup, matters of the heart. One rejection a few millennia ago was enough, thank you very much. How do you woo someone who runs for the hills every time you touch or kiss her?


Sometimes, not all that glitters is gold and not everything can be bought. Like a life. When Dita is tasked with something that has never been done before, she realizes her powers might not be enough. What if all the luck and money in the world can't beat something inoperable?