Tales of the Dragons

How can you break a curse when the only remedy is an accidental True Love's Kiss?

They say 7 mysterious princes rule the Dragon Realm. Nobody knows for sure. Their kingdom is hidden and access is by invitation only. Headcount per prince is...more than anyone should have, they say. Scales as black as their souls, they say. "They" say quite a few things. Including about an unbreakable curse plaguing the dragon princes, none of whom can find love.

But what if they could? What if accidental True Love's Kisses could be orchestrated?

Read this enchanting last instalment in the Mirrors-Shoes-Dragons short story sets and find out.

The stories in this set include:

  1. To Snare a Prince - a Hans&Greta spin-off (previously in the Enchanted Forests anthology);
  2. To Find a Queen - where dark elves try to prevent Greta's rise to queendom (previously in the Twice Upon a Name anthology);
  3. To Steal a Kiss - where Greta breaks the dragon curse (previously in the Enchanted Flames anthology);
  4. To Host a Ball - a 12 Dancing Princesses retelling (previously in the Enchanted Skies anthology);
  5. To Catch a Thief - a Rapunzel / Snow White mashup retelling (previously in the Third Name's a Charm anthology).

These short stories link to the author’s other works, but are related standalones that can be read separately as small soundbites.

OUT: Sept 21, 2024

A set of 5 spinoff & mashup novellas by a single author

How can you break a curse when the only remedy is an accidental True Love's Kiss?

Fairytale mashups & spin-offs

Fancy a spin-off on Hans & Greta on how Greta becomes the Gretel Crimsonlocks, the fearsome Dragon Queen? Or how she lends a hand to unenchanting dragons and princesses alike? Or mayhap a humorous Rapunzel / Snow White mashup retelling?


Meet my lovely dragons - from the 6-headed Eddie Goldencrest to my 12-headed Gregor Zmei Gorynych - and find out why they need to steal drawings depicting them. What would you give to visit the Dragon Realm to which entrance is strictly "relatives or by invite only"?


What if the dragons were cursed to be human only 2hrs per day and their curse can only be broken by an accidental kiss? How do you orchestrate an accidental kiss? Or avoid one if you don't fancy becoming king...