Tales of the Mirrors

What if all mirrors were portals and wishes were like curses?

If you believe enough, you could travel the dimensions Alice-style. Or Marina-style, getting stuck in Magic Kingdom for 36 years.

Disenchant a frog? No problem. So what that he’s your one-night-stand baby-daddy & you hate his guts. Help the egotistic huntsman Belle jilted find his HEA? Sure thing. Someone has to do the hard work. Might as well be the witch who ended up in Magic Kingdom by accident. Or a wish gone wrong. (Same thing, really.) At least the mirror cooperates when asked - nicely and in rhyme - and shows glimpses of the lives of others. Magical reality TV - handy when you can’t leave your hut on chicken legs.

Grizelda the witch from Cinders (aka Marina the Goddess of Fate from Charm) takes center stage in this set, meddling through the consequences of her wish.

You might remember the silver and bronze mirrors from Cinders, the iron one from Ash and the golden one from Charm. Or get introduced to them here.

Will Marina ever question the origins of the bronze mirror she uses?
Why doesn’t she leave the same way she came?
And who can take a magic mirror with them when they pop through?

The stories in this set include:

  1. To Make a Wish
  2. To Kiss a Frog (previously in the Enchanted Waters anthology)
  3. To Thaw a Heart - a Snow Queen retelling
  4. To Kill a Beast - a Belle&Beast retelling from the POV of the jilted huntsman

These short stories link to the author’s other books, but are related standalones that can be read separately as small soundbites.

OUT: November 14, 2023

A set of related short stories


A noob goddess makes a wish and finds herself pushed through the mirror and stuck in Magic Kingdom for 36 years.


There are kisses and then there are frogs. And not every frog you kiss turns out to be a prince. Some might be better off as frogs, tbh.


"Kill the beast!" yelled Gustave (no, no, not Gaston at all)...or did he? What if the beast you want to kill is on the inside? And someone else has the power to end your curse with...a True Love's Kiss.