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High-flying adventure, magical mayhem, and new horizons are in the air.

10 tales of winged beasts

Take to the stormy skies on the backs of dragons or the ancient thunderbirds. In this clean fantasy anthology, you’ll soar into fantastic realms and meet creatures drawn from myth and legend. A hippogriff, Pegasus, harpies, and so much more.
Inspired by tales from around the world, these short stories will propel you into adventures of murder, mystery, and vengeance. These award-winning, bestselling, and emerging authors will lift and inspire you and leave you wishing you had wings of your own.
Fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians series and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology will adore this collection, where every encounter is a battle for survival and a test of wills.

All profits from this anthology will go to the Red Cross to support hurricane relief.

Stories & Authors included:

  1. The Simurgh and the Albino Prince by Elena Shelest
  2. Dragon Gold by Astrid V.J.
  3. Crown of Dreams by N.D.T. Casale
  4. The Blue Dragon's Quest by Susan Stradiotto
  5. Wherever the Wind Blows by Xander Cross
  6. Friendship and Thunderbirds by Donna White
  7. To Host a Ball by Sky Sommers
  8. When Skies Darken by Lyndsey Hall
  9. The Silent Sister by Ashley Steffenson
  10. Breath of the Skies by Rashmi P. Menon
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4th instalment in the Goddesses series

What if you don't have forever to win over the girl of your dreams?

Love at first sight exists, right? Even when your teen crush is an immortal who sees you as nothing more than a sweet kid.

Zack was smitten the moment he laid eyes on Ava when she first visited Heaven, Texas, bringing with her a hailstorm in July. That was 13 years ago. She still looks and he still feels the same. At 25, while his peers are seeking jobs and travelling the world, he applies for an internship to be closer to the woman of his dreams - to woo her before his time runs out.

Ava, affectionately dubbed “Ice” among her fellow goddesses, has confined herself to life at the North Pole, in her kingdom of snow and snuggly solitude, and taken on the thankless job to keep Earth’s glaciers from melting. What else can an immortal Goddess of Frost do, if temperatures drop whenever she goes South? Her serene existence is disrupted when a new and rather familiar seismologist arrives at her weather station. Instead of the cute boy she met years ago, who is this hunk of a man who tells her to call him Theo, not Zack?

Will Ava figure out what's wrong with Theo before it's too late? Why has there been a series of tectonic events across the globe ever since they met? And does making a new god qualify as personal gain when saving Iceland is also on the line?

Fire & Ice is book #4 in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Meaning: to read book #4 you don't need to read the love stories of the other goddesses:
book #1 Charm & Mayhem: The Goddess of Fate; or
book #2 Life & Death: The Goddess of Light; or
book #3 Love & Money: The Goddess of Luck
...but those might be fun options. 😉

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Sky Sommers

USA Today bestselling indie author
  • USA Today bestselling author from 2022

    While I've hit Amazon bestseller lists in 2021, in 2022 we - the "we" being me + 39 more authors - published a romantasy set that hit #110 on the USA Today list! Yay!

    What did it take? Writing 1 book, yes, but also 12 months of haranguing pre-orders, marketing, learning, posting on IG, pestering peeps in my newsletter, setting up this webpage, setting up a TikTok account, begging everyone I know (and don't know) to get our 35-novel-rich book at 99c - yes, you have to beg people to get things at a bargain. But we did it. We hit that list. We even got the #1 new release and #1 best seller orange ticker tag from Amazon for 1 week. Along the way I made awesome author friends, befriended an author (or two) I'm gaga about and the learning curve was - yowzer!

    Ask me for contacts of managers of USAT building sets, coz those peeps are amazing!

  • Aspiring to change your mind

    A stepmother who is actually a fairy godmother? A fairy godmother who is the villain? A Cinderella that's hard to like? Red who is a boy? Goddesses without magic? Guinevere who traps Arthur into marriage? Cannibalistic witches who are victims of circumstance and the rumour mill? I write these kinds of stories. Stay tuned.