The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships

A humorous short story about how come Helen of Troy cheated.
Or did she?


What if a goddess swapped out Helen of Troy and nobody was ever the wiser?

Helen of Troy made the wrong choice. But not the one you think you know.

Eleni marries Menelaos and at their wedding feast overhears him say mean things about her.

Talk about #instaregret over rejecting Paris’ proposal.

What if Aphrodita – the Goddess of Luck – frequently mistaken for the Goddess of Lust – offered to help?

For a price, of course.


This a short spin-off story from my Goddesses series.

You can read up on Dita’s love life in book #3 Love&Money: The Goddess of Luck.

And Ava finds her beau in book #4 Fire&Ice: The Goddess of Frost.

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