Summer reading challenges

At the beginning of summer, which for me was May I had the target of 190 books on my To-Be-Read (TBR) list in 2022 with a mere 36 books read in Jan-Apr. What did I do? I signed up not for 1 but 2 summer reading challenges. There are FB groups for that, did you know? I enlisted in the YASFF (deciphers as: young adult and science fiction) group and IFA (Indie Fantasy Addicts) group challenges. Joined a house (Fae in YASFF and Bookwyrms in IFA) and read and read and read and posted reviews in the group, on Goodreads, on Amazon. Mostly indie authors, too. So, if you’re an indie author, you know where to go and what to do if you want to pay it forward.


Mischief... erm TBR - managed!

99 books read in May-Sept to date; so a nice dent in my TBR list (Goodreads says 135/190 books read and on track now), yay!

Fae won!

YASFF House of Fae (my house) won the House Cup for the entire challenge and I got a Golden Dragon award (nice to know reading addiction is rewarded). IFA still has until Sept 15 to clock all our points (we get 1pts for each 10 pages we read) - will keep you posted

Found new faves

Found about 10 new favourite indie authors - I would devour anything by them, stellar prose!


Of course, I bought and read 58 new books, piling on top of my TBR (sigh), so the dent in my 200+ book TBR is actually smaller than I thought. That’s what happens when you love a review and get the book. Or do book mention swaps on Storyorigin – because I tend to read the books I recommend in my newsletters. Anyhoo… All good things, since I got these 58 new books for free or for 99c.

According to Goodreads, I have 55 books to finish before 2022 ends. That’s why I keep saying that reading aids my writing – finding nice turns of phrase, getting an idea (why can’t Death also heal?), noticing the structure (one of my pet peeves is a looooooong descriptive intro), nice formatting, etc etc etc.

Doable? Yes. Maybe I can challenge myself and read 5 books before Sept 15th, i.e. before the IFA challenge ends. Maybe.

How many books have you read in 2022? Which one was your absolute favourite?

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