WIP = Works in Progress = In the works (Sept 2022)

The first book – #1 Charm & Mayhem: The Goddess of Fate – is not even out yet (Oct 4th), but Life & Death: The Goddess of Light is underway. And it even has a publication date – February 8, 2023. Yes, I write multiple books (and short stories) at the same time. Yes, it takes discipline, planning, agreeing with editors as well as periodically panicking, beating my head against the wall and glugging copious amounts of wine. Hemingway was right – you have to drink something, but I usually write my 1k words in the morning and with coffee. But I digress. I’m happy to report I have at least 2(!) ARC readers who are eagerly anticipating Victor & Ellie’s story in Life&Death. In case you didn’t get enough of them in Ash: Crooked Fates. Ellie was a little cagey and snipey there, but she warmed to our arrogant dark angel in the end. So, I decided to write their love story. If you’re thinking mushy-squeezy, nu-uh. Per aspera ad astra and all that. I’ll give you a sample from today’s morning batch, since I’ve reached 30k on the first draft and I’m sure it’s a book not a short story that will cap itself at 20k. I don’t know how it’ll all end, but – spoiler alert! – I do know the magic shoes are going to make a reappearance.

/…/ ‘I’m not going to feed you blood like Yumiko, though,’ Ellie told the boots. ‘Is there anything else you… eat?’

The shoes glimmered once.

‘Blood?’ Marina squealed and stared at Ellie’s feet.

Ellie shrugged. ‘It just occurred to me they might need some juice to work on. You know, like batteries?’

‘And blood is like batteries?’ Marina shook her head. ‘Curiouser and curiouser.’

‘Maybe they run on anything they consider a fair exchange?’ Ellie suggested.

The boots flashed once. /…/

Liked it?

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If you think that’s the only thing in the works, well, don’t laugh, but…

  1. To Find a Queen for Twice Upon a Name (out April 2023) is in first draft stage;
  2. To Catch A Thief for Three Time’s the Name (out summer 2024) is also a first draft;
  3. To Steal A Kiss for Enchanted Flames (out June 2023) is with a few betas;
  4. Book #4 in the Goddesses Saga – Fire & Ice – started manifesting before book #3 Love & Money; so am writing snippets of that;
  5. Agreed to co-write a retelling of The Nutcracker with Astrid V.J. – this will be so much fun – we have a historical timeline and ideas how we’ll write and what about and what it all means and we might have gotten a liiiiitle bit carried away with ourselves coz… oh, but I’ll tell you later; 😉
  6. So… erm… you can see from the above why re-vamping Someone To Watch Over Me has taken a bit of a backseat this fall. I’ll get back to it as soon as I get Death out the door aka to its developmental editor.

Soooo…. that’s me and my works in progress. Oh, and Mellie still wants a book of her own about Wonderland and I’m inclined to acquiesce to her request.

Stay tuned.