Once Upon A Name

A collection of clean quirky, strange and out right unusual short stories collecting donations for Book Aid International to support literacy.

My story, Yumiko’s revenge is probably the most gruesome I’ll ever write, but it’s all about the blood-lapping magic boots. (Hey, it takes a lot of energy transporting people from A to B and cleaning up their messes, so yes, the boots take blood and life-years as payment and resurface again in Cinders: Necessary Evil and Life&Death: The Goddess of Light. And Ash: Crooked Fates as well.)


What’s in a name? Names have power. Magic . . . Some names spell a great destiny.

Once upon a time, twenty author friends accepted the challenge of a fairy tale name generator. Soon, twenty new characters were off on wild adventures.

In this clean YA anthology, meet a goddess, a countess, and a wannabe sorceress. Join a wolf pack leader and a guardian frog sidekick. Search for victims with a hunter-turned-detective, and swoon over the sultana who must prove she’s fit to rule.

Cavort with demons, wraiths, and demigods. Lose your way in the Mist, then lose your soul to the Bone Marsh. Root for a genie’s freedom. Hope for a witch to get her spell right. And yes, feel your heart flutter at unexpected romance.

All proceeds are donated to Book Aid International in support of reading and literacy.

About our charity
When the authors of this anthology gathered to write these strange and unusual tales, they wanted to give back in the way of literacy. Since the anthology work began in the middle of 2021, it has become the team’s
mantra to support literacy globally.
Book Aid International stood out as a leader with their belief that books have the power to change lives. The organization’s mission is to give people around the world who lack access to books the opportunity to read for pleasure, study, and lifelong learning.
Book Aid International supports young readers and education. They provide books when conflict strikes, and provide books dedicated to creating better health by providing books to worldwide healthcare workers.
Books change lives, and this organization is there to ensure that happens.
Every £2.00 allows them to provide another book.
To learn more about the organization or make your own donation, visit bookaid.org.

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