Life & Death: The Goddess of Light

Book #2 in the Goddesses Saga – Life&Death: The Goddess of Light – will be out on February 8, 2023 and is currently on pre-order on Amazon.


To die, to sleep, perchance… well, Death can’t. Not before one petulant dark angel takes over her job.

The Goddess of Death wants to die. Badly. But not before she finds a successor. Where does one go for those?

Tired of all the decisions – to reap or not to reap – the Goddess of Life & Light wants out, too. Who knew 8 billion earthlings would require quite so much attention. Working with Death is never a picnic. That Excel table and the constant yes-es and no-s would drive anyone mad.

Will the deadly duo recruit best friends or starcrossed lovers? Will anyone at all fall for their sales pitch? Forever may be a short word, but what kind of a relationship would last for all eternity?

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