Slightly Sweetly, Slightly Creepy: A Gothic Romance anthology

Gothic romance short stories with HEAs/HFNs.


Good day, wayward wayfarer. Have you blundered into this uncanny, spellbound place?

Come. Sit. Tell me, do you believe that happy endings exist? Even in the dark, where love is but a hint, a whisper, a taunt?

Then tiptoe in. Tilt your head to listen to the faintest stirrings: the hushed murmurs of lovers behind closed doors, their footfalls venturing into fresh life.

Don’t be afraid, intrepid mortal. Dare to brave all corners of the globe, all the eerie, eldritch places beneath the earth, amid the roots, or in starlit castles, where lovers seek the elusive enchantment called love.

So come, dear mortal, enter without fear.

I promise it’ll end happily for those who dare…

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