Third Name’s A Charm

A collection of clean short tales of trios and triple threats to support literacy.

My story, To Spot a Swan is a mashup of Hades myths and fairytales where a prince gets dissed three times. Of course, there’s a ball.

The anthology comes out April 14, 2024 and is currently on pre-order for 99c.


All good things come in threes.

Once upon a time, a group of authors accepted the challenge from a fairy tale name generator. Not just once or twice, but thrice! Volume three of these quirky stories is a collection stories featuring trios and triple threats.

In this clean YA anthology, follow the fates of three IVF-manufactured (oops, sorry, potion-begotten) triplet princesses, be enlisted as the third lucky bodyguard to stave off monsters, see if the third wand works wonders for an unlucky mage, try to discover the true name of a unicorn prince, discover why the magical artefacts come in threes and climb towers with thieves to step into abductions of well-known fairytale characters.

Don’t forget, with the rule of three, there are always exceptions. Venture into this collection of adventurous stories by award-winning and up-and-coming authors and maybe you’ll be thrice enchanted.

All proceeds donated to Room To Read, a charity in support of reading and literacy.

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