Cinders: Necessary Evil

An illustrated double Cinderella retelling for adults – stepmother vs 17yo Ella’s diary of events


A defiant Ella. A deal to be evil. A royal and rather hairy family secret.

With a restaurant to run, Ella to boss around and a cannibalistic witch to befriend, Grace seems to have made the bargain of a life-time. Everything would be peachy, if it wasn’t for one estranged husband, two lying mirrors and Ella’s teen romances getting completely out of hand. Also, there seems to be a part of the bargain Grace might be forgetting, while her son’s third birthday is approaching. It can’t be anything important, can it?

Meet Ella, the not-so-wallflower heroine with a streak of defiance. Her life is no fairytale either. Following her godmother’s advice to trap an aristocrat, she finds herself entangled with a baron’s son. But as her teen romances spiral out of control, she realizes that not all adults will hold her hand through the consequences of their „advice“. With her stepmother pressuring her to cater a royal ball, Ella’s secrets and the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance come to light.

Will Grace get Ella her happily-ever-after before her time in Magic Kingdom runs out?
What did the evil stepmother get in the bargain?
And why host a birthday ball on the eve BEFORE and not on the evening OF the prince’s DOB?

Discover unlikely villains, surprising godmothers, and secrets peeled back like onions in this thrilling double book. Dive into both the stepmother’s tale and Ella’s diary as they collide in a tale of deception, redemption, and true love that forgives all.

But this is just the beginning! Brace yourself for the grand reveal in book #2, “Embers: Beastly Curses,” where Prince Charming’s story unfolds in unexpected ways.

If you enjoyed Roald Dahl’s whimsy as a child and adore Sarah Pinborough’s captivating retellings, this dark fairytale adaptation is a must-read for the young and new adult audience alike.

Trigger warnings: This enchanting journey touches upon themes of abandonment, loss of child, and abortion, adding depth and emotion to the gripping narrative.

Don’t miss out on this deliciously dark fairytale ride. Get ready to lose yourself in all the wicked twists and, of course, in Ella’s Diary.

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