To Cure A Curse

A clean YA prequel novella to Cinders: Necessary Evil. If you’ve read my Thumbelina, you’ll find the zombie fairy quite familiar.


Belle and Beast. A tale as old as time. A spell that sounds an awful lot like a curse.

What if 16yo Belle went in search of a remedy for the Beast and when she came back he didn’t remember her at all? What if you can’t rely on a true Love’s Kiss (because one party has, quite obviously, forgotten and wants to eat the other party).

How do you break a curse then? Given that the last few petals are about to drop any day now.

Easy. With another curse.

This is a clean YA prequel novella to Cinders: Necessary Evil which was written as a thank you to my beta readers to flesh out how Queen Belle and King Thomas met and what ails Ella’s Prince Nicholas. This small ditty of a backstory can be read as a standalone and is recommended to lovers of YA quirky (fade to black) romance. Suitable also for younger readers.

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