Thumbelina: The Bride Experiment

A young adult Thumbelina retelling with notes of murder and mystery.


Marry a toad? No thanks.

Rowing a walnut across a plate never prepared Etta for her abduction…erm…grand adventure. Rescued by a ditzy butterfly and a May bug, and playing housekeeper to a Mouse who has lost some of her marbles, is very exciting until Etta realizes she can’t escape. When girls her age start disappearing, she discovers that all is not as it seems in this enchanted nook of the woods.

Her murky past may be the key as to why the Fairy Queen keeps collecting orphaned fae girls and imprisoning them in a dead-end forest.

Will Etta escape Missus Mouse before she drugs her into oblivion? Why doesn’t her recycled wand work? And why is everyone she meets hell bent on marriage?!?

Suitable for 12+, this his snarky fairytale retelling of Andersen’s Thumbelina has a multiple choice ending one for optimists and one for pessimists. If you like the Roald Dahl kind of humour, this one is right up your alley.

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