Enchanted Flames

An illustrated collection of ten incendiary fairytales, collecting donations for World Land Trust to help communities prone to wildfires.


If you play with fire, you might get burned…

Dig into this magical collection of short stories and discover among the embers ten fiery fantasy tales to set your heart ablaze.

Sneak past the ancient dragon as you steal from his hoard of gold and escape with the crown jewels. Journey deep into the Salamander Kingdom and follow the wyverns as they help the woodwitch to find the cure. Walk over earth scorched by a post-apocalyptic sun on a quest for survival, and find out why the firebird only eats golden apples. Watch the phoenix rise from the ashes and root for the golden dragon to woo his demigoddess in the Magic Kingdom.

Get this anthology hot off the press, and enjoy ten short fantasy stories by USA Today bestselling, award-winning and up-and-coming authors.

After all, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Enchanted Flames is fully illustrated by the talented Elena Shelest, and all profits will go to World Land Trust, a charity working to help communities prone to wildfires.

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