Goddesses: The Bet

A friendship fiction book about ancient goddesses grappling with a bet gone wrong. It’s 0.5 prequel to the Goddesses Saga, but can be read as a standalone.


The fate of both, magic and mankind, hangs by a thread.

A long time ago, ten ancient goddesses bet that they would not be forgotten, should they disseminate their powers amongst mortals. The culprits involved were: the Goddesses of Small Things, Fate, Luck, Hearth, Ice, Wealth, Storms, Air, Fair Skies and New Beginnings. Remember those? Precisely.

By and by, as forgetful humans cease their worship, the ancients should get their full faculties back. ‘Should’ being the operative word. The magic isn’t returning, which could only mean one thing. Someone is hogging their divine powers.

Will the Goddess of Fate learn to share with the noob goddesses or will she undo all existence to get her magic back?

How can Lexie, the long-lost (and buried) Goddess of Storms save her human family before mankind is erased?

And what’s the proper way to wish for true love?

This book will take you from London to Barbados to a space station in Baikonur, Kazakhstan; here, friendships are epic, love is worth risking everything for, on occasion the inanimate gets animated (the inanimate doesn’t mind), some villains do have a heart, and optimists and pessimists each get their own ending.

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