Fire & Ice: The Goddess of Frost

What if you don’t have forever to wait until your first love notices you?

Book #4 in the Goddesses Series is now available for pre-order.


What if you don’t have forever to wait until your first love notices you?

Love at first sight exists, right? Even when you crush hard at 13 over an immortal who sees you as a sweet kid.

Zack has been smitten ever since he first saw Ava. He was 13, she was an ancient goddess who didn’t look a day over 22 when she visited Heaven, Texas to snoop after Zack’s adoptive mother Lexie. That was eleven years ago. She still looks and he still feels the same.

Ava – lovingly dubbed “Ice” by her fellow goddesses – is a self-proclaimed weather girl, living at the North Pole and trying to keep Earth’s glaciers from melting. What else can an immortal Goddess of Frost do, if temperatures drop whenever she goes South? Ice enjoys her kingdom of snow and snuggly solitude until a new seismologist is assigned to her station. She expects a pimply boy she met eleven years ago, but who is this hunk of a man who just walked through the door and refuses to call her Auntie?

Will Zack get Ava to see past her being his teen crush? Why has there been a series of tectonic events ever since they met and will they be able to avert disaster? And how exactly do you make a god to balance out a goddess?

Fire & Ice is book #4 in the Goddesses Series, but can be read as a standalone. Meaning: to read book #4 you don’t need to read books #1 Charm & Mayhem: The Goddess of Fate or book #2 Life & Death: The Goddess of Light or book #3 Love & Money: The Goddess of Luck, but those might be fun options.

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