King of Time

An Arthurian prequel about Magic Kingdom.


Name a kingdom? Tame the dragons? Not fall in love with Time? No problem. I think…

A year after her best friend Harry died Lila has changed everything about herself – her name, residence and even religion. If only that magic frog hadn’t disappeared at the most inopportune moment! Grappling with her writers block she wishes for more time and…gets a hot dude who claims he IS Time and there to help track down her long-lost imagination. Next, she is given a kingdom, a talking horse and a first-hand experience of figments of her imagination taking over her life. As Lila keeps unsticking herself from sticky situations – no thanks to Time who likes to be called Adam – Time discovers emotions. With her traveling companions and the warrior king she meets all vying for her affections, Lila has to navigate how to keep her friendships and her dignity. As if the quest of finding herself was not enough!

Optimists and pessimists each get their own ending – because there are moments when the decisions we or others take lead to completely different outcomes.

No cusswords, sex or profanity in this fairy-tale for adults. Also suitable for young adult readers.

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