Tales of the Shoes

The second instalment of Tales from the Magic Kingdom: 4 short standalone stories related to magic shoes Ella wore to the ball and her younger sister Ellie snagged from the Wicked Witch of the West – to complement The Magic Mirrors Saga.


What’s the price of magic?

Magical teleporting, to be precise.

Cinderella’s magic shoes. Could they be the same ones that the Wizard of Oz squirrelled away? Assuming they can change form. Who made them? From what?

And the most important question: why does everyone always assume magic shoes operate for free?

If you had to pay the shoes for transporting you, would you rather give up a few life years or pay in blood?
And what – or who – do the mirrors and magic shoes have in common?

The stories in this sister set to Mirrors include:

  1. To Shape a Shoe – the genesis story of the shoes AND the magic mirrors
  2. To Break a Bond
  3. To Follow the Boots
  4. Yumiko’s Revenge (previously in the Once Upon a Name anthology)

These short stories link to the author’s other works, but are related standalones that can be read separately as small soundbites.

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